Property Management in Pärnu

Professional property management, which includes professional management and maintenance of your property-related tasks.

Our property management service is intended for accommodation and airbnb providers in Pärnu who may not have time to deal with all tasks in addition to their daily tasks.

property management
We keep your property in order!

Property management:

Cleaning Services: Cleaning after each guest’s departure, ensuring that the interior of the property is clean and ready for the arrival of the next guests.

Maintenance and repair works both inside and outside: Arranging the necessary maintenance and repairs to ensure that the property is kept in good condition.

Outdoor maintenance: involves a number of different tasks and services depending on the size and level of maintenance of the property.

Indoor maintenance

– Cleaning service
– Window wash
– Small repairs and maintenance
– Responding to emergencies

Outdoor maintenance

– Lawn mowing and maintenance
– Maintenance of landscaping and garden
– Winter snow removal and anti-slip
– Cleaning of rainwater gutters
– Terrace maintenance/oiling
– Exterior painting works (house facades, garden, etc.)
– Cleaning and maintenance of the pool
– Gate automation maintenance
– Chimney sweeping

Answer within 24h
All services from one place
Guarantee for the work done
Customer-centric approach
Long-term experience

Quick response: We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. We are committed to fast and professional customer service and will do everything we can to provide you with the help or information you need in a timely manner.

Complete solutions for your property management: Our service portfolio offers complete property management, covering everything from cleaning services and maintenance and repairs to gutter cleaning and snow removal. We ensure that your property is always in optimal condition, your tenants are satisfied, and your investment brings the maximum return. Trust us to make your property management easy and efficient, while providing top-notch service.

Guarantee of the quality of the work performed: We guarantee that the services offered or the work performed meet specific quality standards. We assure you that if any problems or defects occur after completion of the services or works, we will correct or repair them in accordance with the agreed terms and period.

Your satisfaction is important to us: We focus thoroughly and deeply on your needs, wishes and expectations. We always try to exceed your expectations, thereby ensuring your satisfaction and loyalty. Our goal is to create long-term satisfaction and reliable cooperation.

Technical skills: We have years of experience and technical skills required to effectively manage buildings, systems and other technical aspects.

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